Sell Your Nocatee Home

Are you looking to sell your Nocatee home? Let us help! It may be easier than you think…

Step 1:

First, we will take a look at your Nocatee home. We also want to use this as an opportunity to get to know you! What is driving you to sell? What is your motivation? After this visit, we will compare your property with any that have sold over the last few months. It will also be compared with similar properties that are currently on the market since these are your competition.

Step 2:

A couple days later we will come back out to your home and show you the information we gathered. We will use the average list price, average sales price and average days on market (at the final list price) from the three most similar sold properties. Using this information, we can provide you with a recommended list price and give you an idea of how long you can expect to be on the market at that price. Depending on your motivation, we can adjust this price. Notice we only use the FINAL list price of the sold comps. This is the price that brought a contract.

Keep in mind, these are all averages. Every property is different and the time of year plays a big role, too. We take all of this into account. For example, if you request a market valuation in April we will likely not use a bunch of data from October or November. While homes are selling year-round, Spring tends to be the busiest. Higher demand is known to bring higher prices. If we base your home’s price in April on a comp that sold in the fall, you will likely not be getting top dollar.

It’s at this second appointment that we fill out the listing agreement. We will also walk through your home and give you advice on how to prepare for pictures. See more on this below. If your home is ready to go, we’ll schedule our photographer to come out as soon as possible. They will take professional photos, drone photos and video. The turnaround time is typically 24-48 hours. Once we have all photos back, the home can go ACTIVE on the MLS. We will put a sign in your front yard and a NEFAR Supra lockbox on your front door. This electronic lockbox only allows Realtors to access and it’s all logged so we know who is going in your home and when.

Our Marketing Plan

When you decide to sell your Nocatee home, make sure you choose a listing agent that has a solid marketing plan. If you are interviewing different Nocatee listing agents, ask them to provide you with their marketing plan.

    We will tell you how to prepare your home for pictures and showings. Be prepared to start moving. We list homes to sell. For some sellers who do not already have another home to move into, you may need to rent a storage unit. Become a minimalist for the time being!



•    Once your home is ready, we will have a photographer come out to take professional photos and video, plus drone photography and video. We will be present for these pictures to make sure the little details are taken into consideration (toilet seats down, trash cans out of the way, etc.).

•    Once we have the photos back, we will get your home’s listing active on the MLS. Thanks to Keller Williams, your listing will not only automatically syndicate to the top home search sites, but all of the others as well! Just because a home is put into the MLS correctly does not mean all of the home search sites have synced the right info. We manually check the main sites (Zillow, and Trulia) to be sure all information is correct. There are times when just one site may map the home incorrectly, they may put the wrong number of bathrooms, or even have the wrong price! This part is a very big deal since this is where most buyers will see your home, not from their Realtor.

•   We will hold an open house the first weekend your home is on the market. We may even add in the MLS for agents to see, that there will be no showings on the home until the open house. The intent here is to draw a larger crowd to the open houses adding a sense of urgency for potential buyers. While it is true that homes do not often sell from open houses, these events help us get the word out on your home online and in person, and word spreads!

•   We are pretty active on social media and will run sponsored ads of your home on Facebook and Instagram. We can choose a target audience based on location, age, even hobbies and interests. It’s pretty neat!

•    We will regularly send out mass emails to Realtors about your property. When it’s first listed, at every price drop, open houses, etc. If you do decide to drop the price, we recommend dropping by small increments few weeks rather than one big drop. Every price drop gives us an excuse to alert everyone in our database about your property. We have noticed when other agents do this with their listings we tend to remember those particular properties always having them in mind. If a Realtor has a customer request your neighborhood, we want your home to automatically come to mind!


So why us?

Our team will work hard for you! We don’t do the bare minimum and wait for someone else to sell your home.

We’ll stay ACTIVE with your listing. We will constantly re-evaluate the price and all marketing efforts. When your home is shown, we will get detailed feedback from the buyer and give you the run down.

We are thorough and we pay close attention to detail!

We’re tech savvy and stay up to date with the latest trends and technology. This entire site was created by scratch from us. Every graphic, neighborhood photo, all by us. How many other listing agents can you find with an entire site devoted to your neighborhood?